Saturday, November 15, 2008

Rebels been rebels/Since I don't know when

I've been a "dirty stop out" this week. That is a little term of affection Joe gives me when I neglect the family and go out on the town.I think it's British. I have been out and about more than usual though. I went to my local pub and met up with some cool bloggers. I loved it. It was great to meet writers that I have read and other new folks. I think we will be doing this again. We were loud and animated and I drank four beers like water when thirsty.
The bartender asked me if we were all long lost friends getting together- I laughed- it shows you how women can meet and just be. (loud, fun, and connecting...)

They were all
wicked cool.

Then I went to the opening of a cool new nightclub. I was sent as a blogger to cover it. How cool is that? The private grand opening of Martini Park was awesome. My friend Pepper Paints was there too. We are so lucky that we have Dawn in our life who assigns us cool jobs like this! Pepper Paints has cool pics on her site from the night. She is one of those big camera gals. I am so jealous!

The place is upscale enough that you feel the desire to dress up, but accessible enough that yr not going to worry about the velvet rope. The food was wonderful and seriously the martinis were off the chain! I had a cucumber one! It was insane and I crave it nightly since. I think this bar will appeal the the 30+ crowd who have some disposable income and want to spend a good night out.The staff rocked and I felt to welcome and happy to be there. I loved it and will be back! It is going to be a hit!

The best part of the night was watching my friend Kate swig martinis. She had a wee baby girl about four months ago and has not been out much in the nightlife. She was loving it! I was watching her closely and monitoring the consumption! She had to go home and whip out the boob ya know! She was a good girl and we had a great time. We are already planning a night out when the baby is bit older and we can stay out for more than 1.5 hours! LOL!

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Dirty Stop Out photo from Flickr


village mama said...

Amy's a "dirty stop out", I looove it! Yay to you and the wild nursin' mama's martini fun!! XO

MarĂ­a said...

I have a question, and I need your expertise. I have these round, vintage nightstands that don't match my new room decor. I need something like a teeny tablecloth or whatever to cover them. What can I use?

Anonymous said...

I loooved those martinis too!!!

180360 said...

My husband is a Brit and I happen to love the term dirty stop out. There is nothing better than getting mama's out of the house now and then. I wish someone would give me a job that required that! :)

Anonymous said... very jealous..

Anonymous said...

not uga! That is the coolest thing. One day when I'm a big girl blogger, cool clubs will ask me to sip on their martinis! I'm so jealous.

I can't find my blog said...

You are stunning, my friend.

See? I got to you today! Muah!


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