Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The fact that she played The Stones helped a lot.

My neighbor and I signed up for this kickboxing class once a week at our local recreation center. I have been worried about it for days. My friend could not go today and I went alone. Terrified. It was just about as bad as I expected. I was the only out of shape one in the room. I was red faced within two minutes and chugging water the entire time and making nervous hoots and laughs.
I have no core apparently. Core free me. I am stiff. I do not bend like others. Ouch.

It is always good to open up your world and be pushed though.
I walk around pretty confidant for the most part.
I can hang with anyone I think. I can be anything.
I am smart and sassy and fun and serious and good.
But I am also really out of shape and overweight.
It was good for me to reach at straws and make tiny deals in my head and scream on the inside that YES YOU CAN!
It was good for me to be afraid and shy and toned down.
More quiet and focused.
It was good for me to fail slowly all over the room
because it motivated me to do better next week.
It motivated me to try at least. And this is what I have been looking for.
I had a surprise in my class too.
A local blogger is in there with me.
She's adorable and has good form.
I can watch her if I get lost.
Did I mention I have no core?
Do something yr scared of today for me.
Just something small. K?


Maria Melee said...

I found kickboxing to be SUPER stress relieving. I'm thinking about starting again soon.

Deb Rox said...

You go. It's also good to be able to kick people when needed. Hard!

Thanks for the kick in the pants!

erin said...

I have good form? Wow, thanks :-) It was great to see you in there. I'm so glad to find out that you are just as wonderful in person as you are on the page. You were awesome today!

Anonymous said...

i will attend w/you come january. or 6 weeks after my uterus is free! bsmell

liz said...

"It was good for me to fail slowly all over the room" i love that line I totally get that and things like that motivate me too. i'm ok at being brave and trying things and picking myself up off the floor and chuggin on. Not everyone can. So I get that- hooray for you keeping it up and motivating yourself more.

I am pushing for my son to get an aid on his bus- it's scary to be demanding so that's what I will keep doing today.

fruitlady said...

My dearest Amy. I have been doing something that scares the shit out of me everyday for the last 3 months. I know my form has been quite poor but I am slowly coming around to strengthening my (mental) core around this thing. So please know, if you need to know someone out there is swimming in uncharted waters with you, know it is me.

Ser said...

What anonymous said. I took that class all last year and I love it, but it would definitely be more fun with you around! Your energy has got to be a great addition to the class, even if you think you have no core.

Melisa Wells said...

So proud of you! Great job! Keep going, and don't give up. You'll get better each and every time that you do that class! xoxo

Theresa said...

You go out of your comfort zone and stay with it and it will change you. You watch And you go girl!

kim said...

i thought i was going to cry at step class on monday. love your blog. ps i'm from ohio too.

Ian said...

Well, the first step (or kick) is the hardest so I think from now on you'll do just fine.

180360 said...

I just love the way you think, Amy. (I swear I say this on every comment.) I do things that scare myself regularly but I will find one and dedicate it to you. :)

PS. I have no core either.

SharonEKim said...

AMY! So proud of you and I promise it will get easier class after class after class. I'm doing scary things too - day 4 w/out any cigs and week 3-ish running w/the goal of being able to run 10 miles in 6 months. Keep it up woman! This is the year for making big lifestyle changes.



Robin Norgren, M.A, R-YT, Spiritual Director said...

mine came in the form of a weight lifting class called "Body Pump"... ah yeah!

Amy W said...

Your core will be rock solid in another week and a half. Now that you did the class once, the hardest part is over! The first time I went to a BodyStep class (think step but with more dancing and better music) I felt like I had dredged up the bits of smoke left in my lungs from my last cigarette three years earlier....red, coughing, embarrassed at my poor coordination and tripping over the step.... but I laughed, too, and showed up again the next week and then the next and then before I knew it, I was a regular and was in better shape than I had been in ages.

Have fun!!!

Kaylovesvintage said...

well done, I wish we could do it together

village mama said...

way to face your fears Woman, yes, capital 'W' for 'wild/wonderful/wise'. keep at it, your life will thank you for it. xo. rah rah goooo Amy! xo

Elan Morgan said...

You've got courage.

Does my staying quit from smoking every day right now count? Because it scares me. And it's hard.


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