Monday, September 14, 2009

and this made me realize

It has been far too long since I went absolutely nuts with my husband.
Here's to a really fun date night soon.
I am planning it now.
What do you like to do for yr date nights?

I am open to all ideas:
dancing on tables, jagermeister, strolling, art viewing, parks at night


barchbo said...

We don't have there's a little date night in every evening! :)

Some of our favorite nights out: the museum; a HS sporting event; wine-and-chocolate bar; hiking; canoeing; kayaking; making t-shirts; painting pottery (we took kids with us to that!); bowling. We went out and shot pool a few weeks ago - so fun!

Enjoy your date night! What a treat!

Heather of the EO said...

It is far too rare for us these days as well, but when we can, we go have a few drinks and play darts. Usually in Irish bars. I have no idea why we find this fun, but it's competition and relaxation and freedom I guess.

That picture cracks me up.

I can't find my blog said...

We usually just go to dinner. Boring, in general, but it is nice to just sit and talk without interruption. Sometimes when we can't really get away, date night is in the bedroom late at night with the door locked and candles burning. That works, too.

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

Gallery Hop! It's fun to stroll and take in whatever comes our way.

Momo Fali said...

Usually it involves a dive bar and a really bad game of pool (on my part...not his). Then, of course, there's making out in the moonlight.

Melisa Wells said...

We go to dinner and stroll around at the bookstore, and in the downtown area of our suburb, which is totally charming. Nothing too exciting, but nice when we're together...ALONE.

BEES'NETTA said...

Turn off cell phones, gin & tonics, and bad horror movies in the dark.

Anonymous said...

drink, smoke, and grope. it like being 17 again.

village mama said...

we recently got it on in a hammock!

Robin Norgren, M.A, R-YT, Spiritual Director said...

We do cheap dates but they have been the most romantic. We only get one beer and share from a glass (and then get another and do the same!) We split an appetizer and sit real close. Than we go to a book store and show each other things we like in the books we are looking in.


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