Sunday, August 31, 2008

You can make a big impression or go through life unseen

He drug the ratty old Buzz Lightyear costume out of the dressing up box this morning. His fat little fingers clutching it. Pleading with me: MaMa MaMa MaMA! I have been working with Finn on wearing "street clothes" a bit more nowadays bc he begins preschool next week. I am not stifling him, but the preschool does not allow Batman, Robin, Buzz, or knights. I am told there is a dress up center there, but one must arrive and depart in more traditional outfits.

It has been fine, but Blaise is now ready to experiment. The kid doesn't talk much, but he gets the world. The whole scheme of things. He ran right round the yard with arms stretched out like wings and I fell back into a lawn chair and laughed. And then maybe for just a second I cried just like one sliding tear. I am far too emotional when it comes to my children I think. How can everything be so paramount?

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vincent said...

Well, I don't think you are too emotional. I do this ALL the time, and often question if there is something wrong with myself too... Stephanie is old enough now of course that she catches me and says "MOM!!! Awww!!!", and comes up and hugs me... She knows how much I love her and this she truly appreciates... Even if I am a bit of a sap... So, NO, you are a good mommy... And your boys know it! :)

World Wide Alternative said...

Awwwwww, Bless.
Bit of a bummer 'bout the sivvys though.
Maybe a few quirky peices to mix & match?
Stash 'em in the dress up box...Xxx

Anonymous said...

It seems we are in similar places, your family and mine. Our eldest will be going to pre-school soon and her little sister (who also doesn't say much but gets the world) is trying her own hand at her big Sissy's make-believe world. Wonderful to witness.

How can everything be so paramount? ... because it deserves to be. If it didn't then why would it be allowed to occur?

Lovely post and poetry.

karey m. said...

BLAISE! he looks just like you, right?

he's lovely.

and...not to be pushy...but did i WIN?! xoxo.

katekatenegotiate said...

there is a bluebird in my heart, too.

Anonymous said...

love the poem

Anonymous said...

oh Amy..if you only knew what a sap I was.. I get sad thinking of when he won't want to dress up anymore because it won't be cool..


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