Monday, September 1, 2008

Why let your shoulders bend underneath this burden when my back is sturdy and strong?

THANK YOU SO MUCH! The auction winners are here:

We have the fabulous Emilee from the Nilsson Family blog top bidder at 40 for the teethers

We have the fabulous Mel from Beanpaste blog top bidder at 15 for the knit wear

We have the fabulous Karey from Mackink blog top bidder at 50 for the love letter

You guys rock and I love that the family will get $105.00 more.
Please winners send the payment to the donate button on this website and then forward me the receipt and I will ship items. Thank you so much.

Also- I just wanted you to know that Karey over at Mackink has asked me to donate her love letter- she said this so beautifully :

I'd like to donate my love letter. to the Nielson children. from you on behalf of all of us who were moved by their family's story. how their family, in the span of of a few tragic moments, grew...

It will be my honor Karey.

And as all of the auctions close- let's try and keep this family in our hearts and prayers. This is a long road and they will need our attention. Try and send good thoughts out to the universe or God or whoever you whisper to...try and not forget how lucky we are each moment.

Get me delivered to yr email xo


Anonymous said...

great,well done

Melanie said...

Yay! (And I love the title lyric snippet today. Some day lets go for drinks and I'll do my best Natalie Merchant impression for you.)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your support! When you finalize your totals for your auction, can you email the grand total to where we are collecting totals for the many auctions that took place. Thanks again!


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