Friday, August 15, 2008

The summer's all in bloom /The summer is ending soon

Take old dear friends
add wine
easy conversations
and a lovely summer evening
love it
So how did I turn into a crotchety pirate in the morning?

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Jodi said...

I'm usually always a bit crotchety in the morning, not always a pirate but a bit crotchety!

Love you!

Jean Martha said...

that pirate picture is awesome!

robin ann mcintosh said...

haha, morning pain from a previous gain.

: )

Kelly O said...


That picture is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Oh, babe, I know that feeling alllllll too well. It's worth it, though, no? :)

Anonymous said...

Only you could look at home in a pirate hat!

vincent said...

That is why I don't miss drinking... I was always way worse than a crochety pirate... I was just flat out SICK!!!

dee said...

Ha! A crochety pirate!!

Joslyn said...

for what it's worth i love your pirate hat girl!


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