Saturday, August 16, 2008

I could go crazy on a night like tonight/When summers beginning to give up her fight

I am on a pilgrimage now.

Packing for the getaway and quite sad about leaving Joe.
I am going to hole up at
my parents and write and unleash the kids to the wild hills of Appalachia.
I am going to drive my road and deal with dial-up. (gasp)
I will be around, just not as much.
I will find a way to blog everyday though, because I am rock star like that even in the sticks.

I can't lie. I am a bit sad about the
Bigfoot hoax.
I saw something
Yeti like when I was a child on my parents land.
It can cause me to draw breath quickly even today when I think about it.

People have made fun of me always about it.

I don't research Bigfoot or keep up with anything that is not plastered in the media- I just silently believe.

I can't help it. You would believe in little green men too if you saw one at the bus stop all alone an Autumn morning you were eight.

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Jody said...

Aww well we're gonna miss ya girlie. But enjoy those appalacian views. Take nice pics for us =)

We're having a little picnic tonight with wine, beer and Mikes hard lemonaide lol. I'll toast one to you!

Ry Pepper said...

This trip sounds so fantastic. I hope you have an awesome time! Take photos for us!

Anonymous said...

the bigfoot story is not a hoax.


Anonymous said...

I believe too.

the truth is out there...


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