Friday, August 15, 2008

back to school/ ring the bell

Have you seen this book? Michelle Lamar is a doll (I met her!) and she has crafted up a cool gem of a book. I love her style. The book, not a bit about trailer parks is a guide for elementary aged kiddo parents. It is a primer on how to relax the insane standards attached to modern moms and just be. The book encourages to just enjoy this finite time that we have with our children and knock off the drama! She gently reminds us that the piano, soccer, and art lessons cannot compare to the time spent being with yr child.

Michelle reminds us on a hysterical ride through the school days that we should turn our backs on the unattainable mother superiority life and really live an authentic life with our family. She teaches us to cut corners (hysterical advice on smushing store bought brownies just right so they appear homemade) and not stress over the idea of perfection. She breaks it down in good detail about what to expect in the school system and how to navigate this place with out losing yr marbles. I am so excited to have this book a full year before kindergarten.

I loved this book. You should get this book. You should buy it for a friend. (especially the one who makes you feel guilty for not making organic blueberry sugar free buckle and enrolling yr kid in cello classes at age three)

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Anonymous said...

This sounds like something I need to read.. and need to pass out. :)


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