Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I never did believe in the ways of magic/But I'm beginning to wonder why

I've been making art smocks for kids for COMFEST.!!!!
I tried to sew smocks at first and found that it was time consuming and pricey, so I had the idea at the thrift store to purchase a bunch of 99 cent uniforms and scrubs and jazz em up for art smocks. It totally works and it is green and fabulous! I feel really good about them as they are all unique and funky and I hope they find good homes with artsy wee ones this summer. Finn loves his!
I am loving pinwheels this week. They are so simple to make. Here is a cool template.
On our walk today we stopped at the pinwheel garden at the local church to look and Finn was obsessed with dandelions. He swears he has never made a wish on one. I told him I was sure last year we did this. His memory is funny like that. He can remember certain things now with clarity, particularly anything involving sugar or going fast, but some things he does not. So we sat down and blew the seeds off dandelions for a bit and Blaise was delighted of course and it reminded me of last year and the fireflies.
One of the things I think Finn gets from Joe is his delight in the here and now. They both are like that. They both tend to allow the pure joy of a moment wash over them and are able to block any other stimuli and simply be. I find that I am like this rarely. I want to be like this more.


zakkalife said...

I've never seen nor heard of a pinwheel garden before but it makes for a cute picture.

village mama said...

these smocks ROCK! May the community festival attendees swarm you with praise and money. XO

robin ann mcintosh said...

aw, I love this post. I know what you mean about the here and now lovers - I have two of them in my family!

Anonymous said...

Very cool idea with the smocks! That second photo is adorable.

Anonymous said...

I tend to laugh at the memory of my three year old.. He can remember stuff from when he was one but not some stuff he did two weeks ago sometimes.

That pinwheel garden is amazing.


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