Sunday, April 11, 2010

just like the old days

Blaise stayed with grandma and papa this weekend and Finn and I were able to have some quality time together. Sometimes I feel like I am just lumping them together as a finn&blaise sandwich of naughtiness lately. I am forever telling finn&blaise to stop this and that and behave and it was really refreshing to hang out with my little man Finn solo.

We did soccer and sunshine and 70's music all day Saturday.
We went to the workshop and had a picnic with dad.
We talked. We laughed. We played.

And although I know Finn was seething with jealousy over the fact that Blaise slept in his little bed at Grandma's (in a room where there is a TV! OMG) and that Blaise got to ride the tractors and run on the green green fields and have waffles or pancakes each day for breakfast- he loved being with us here too. He got to stay up late last night with his beloved babysitter when mom and dad had a date and this morning he will probably get to boss me around and plan our day.

You could tell that he needed it as much as I did.
I could feel it in the way he focused all of his attention on me.
Like a light shone all over me-his hazel eyes peering at me much of the day.
I was bigger and badder and cooler than any Transformer or Lego action figure yesterday.
I was his source of star power and it was awesome.


TZT said...

So sweet.

Kim said...

I love that. I wish my folks, or in-laws lived close enough we could do that. I think it would be so good for my kids to have a whole day and a night with just me and the man. But, since we can't do that, we try to have individual dates with the kids, and they love that (so do I).

vincent said...

It is so neat how in their eyes you are always a super hero... And one on one time with each child is always special!

marymac said...

That's what Grandmas is for- the room with the tv! haha. Thanks for visiting Pajamas and Coffee today- it made my day! Will check out the Francais blogs you recommended- thanks!

xoxo can't wait to see u at BlogHer! ;)

Jessi Louise said...

They are very different on their own aren't they? I rarely get to hang out with my two boys individually, but once in a while I will take one or the other with me and we'll do something on a Saturday. I love that :)

Allison said...

delightful...I love doing that though opportunities are so fleeting for one-on-one time.


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