Thursday, April 8, 2010

Noisy Nora

I have an ultrasound next week.

If it is a girl I think I will have to buy this dress.

And it's named after me.



Anonymous said...

Oh the dress is named Amy. I thought you were referring to 'Noisy' in your title. ;)

Have fun at the ultrasound! I want to see your baby belly soon!

180|360 said...

i totally think it's a girl. can't wait to hear the news. xo

Josey's mom said...

fabulous dress!

vincent said...

I keep thinking that it is a girl! I am so happy for you, you don't know...

Kim said...

Oh I love that dress!!! If you are having a girl you most definitely should get that one. I may have to make some dresses for her too! :) YAY!

Angela said...

that's the coolest thing i've seen so far made from that awesome fabric...lovely!


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