Wednesday, September 10, 2008

put yr arms around me baby/put yr arms around me baby

Falafel tastes like donkey tonight.
Welcome to my world.
It is busy round here and I am working on lots of coolness- I will share soon.
I am just not at all together.
I open my reader and look at folks inside their perfect little worlds and then this is dinner at my house:

I know it is perfect here too though, in a strange way.
I love table dancing in the dining room that so wants to be my kitchen.
One whole year of eating in this wretched space. Ugh.
I can't wait to sell that other house and do this addition.
Could I complain more?
I wish I had some sort of diagnosis to my issues.
I have been blue this past month. Blue bonnet. But, I am not depressed. I am just not. I am just very slutty with the stress and I live a very visceral life. I am my own kind of nightmare to myself.

Things are going to get better and the most important of all things are right in front of me:

I mean, look at these three boys.
They are gorgeous and yes in the background you might hear this song.
What kind of mother am I?


Schmutzie said...

That actually looks like a great family meal, despite the nasty donkey falafel. I think we should all dance on tables more.

karey m. said...

you're a mother who has boys who dance on tables and have kickass senses of humor.

it's so not about how things look. i hope you sell your other home just so you lose some worry...but this home looks just lovely. as is.

Abby said...

I love this. Yes, Gin & Juice is an awesome kid song. Donkey should always be served for dinner.

Our Green Nest said...

Looks like a fun dinner! You have an awesome contagious laugh Amy! Please don't feel blue!

mary said...

I LOVE THIS. Love it!! I wish I was there.

THIS is perfection. You and your little family. This is what I am working on, for me.

village mama said...

I will copycat karey, I too 'hope you sell your other home just so you lose some worry'. May you and yours have sweet dreams. xoxo


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