Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pecha Kucha Columbus, Ohio 2/10/11

I am getting a bit nervous about my Pecha Kucha presentation. I turn the slides in today and will practice talking to the kiddos all weekend. I will line them up on the sofa and ask them to tell me the truth about how mommy talks. They will probably laugh and ask lots of questions. I hope my voice stays strong.
  I am excited to tell some stories and I hope to inspire someone to walk out into the cold dark night and feel some electricity. To feel some sort of pressing desire to make or create. I would love to be the spark for someone else. As much as I wanna be an artist I know I have always wanted to be a muse too.
I am talking about writing and being a writer and an artist.
I am talking about all the things that that I love.  Will you come? 

{I am glad to know that my adorable man will be in the audience. I will imagine he is the only one there and talk right to him. Do you also have tips for public speaking like that? Focusing on one person? Naked audience?}


Rachel (Hounds in the Kitchen) said...

I'll be there. You can imagine talking to me over a cup of coffee or pint of beer.

You will inspire everyone, I know it!

Anonymous said...

Amy, you've inspired me in both my writing and my art :) I don't know how anyone could NOT be inspired by you :) You ROCK at inspiring people :)

Alexis said...

Wish I could be there! You'll be great!

annie (the annilygreen one) said...

i say give everyone in the audience one of those sparkly mustaches!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Well you know that I think you are as much muse as you are artist. I just wrote that recently didn't I?

Good luck. Actually - let someone else without as much sparkle have the luck. You don't need.

Unknown said...

if you need speaker prep help, CALL ME. But I bet you'll be great. Make sure you have a good opening hook and the rest will follow suit! Like Rachel said, just have a conversation with us (or one of us). I am planning to be there if the stars align.


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