Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Army Men Mod Castle for a Four Year Old

So little Blaise-my baby {or so I thought before we had Scout} is four years old now.
I will try and do his Yearly Click soon - {I have lost the amber necklace in the house! Eeek}
We had a sweet family cake birthday breakfast and Joe built him a cool modular army castle. Blaise is very into wanting 100's of small army men. I tried to explain to him that they are kinda gross, but he flashed me those big blue eyes and off I was to procure the plastic wretched things.
Finn has requested a castle tower and a draw bridge for his birthday - so I hope Joe will keep building on with this cool idea. We can take over a whole room with Joe's cool modular rooms and forts and amazing ideas.






Dionne said...

So cute!
My sister-in-law gave her kids army men gummies once and they went nuts! What is it with boys and toy soldiers? lol

i'm zandri said...

I can't get over how much he looks like you in that last two photographs. I can see why flashing those eyes would let him get away with anything. Such a cutie!

susiej said...

You rock. This is so obvious! Yet, you're the first to do it. Love it.

Patti said...

oh my goodness, that first one of him peeking through just killed me dead. i love that boy so much!! <3


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