Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Old Spice. Phil says it's a timeless classic."

Blaise will be two in a few days and I went and took his yearly click today.
The same date as last year. (how sweet is he?)

I am taking a photograph each birthday with a prop so I will be able to watch them grow and to give them some cool photos in their adult life.
Finnian wears his dad's shirt in his yearly click and Blaise wears an amber necklace.
I wrote about birthday traditions and ideas last year here.
I did not make this idea up as I recall reading about a woman who dressed her baby girl in a vintage Pucci shift and took photos. She hung them on the staircase. It was gorgeous seeing her grow into the dress.
So you should do it too!
And don't fret if yr kid is a bit older and yr just starting.
Just think of collections.
Many of one thing is always cool.
No matter how many.

The Yearly Click:

1. Choose a prop that the child can grow into or outgrow for drama.
(like a dress or a shirt of an adult in child's life or a piece of jewelry or something fun like a clown nose even!)

2. Commit to keeping the prop in a safe place and taking a yearly shot on the child's birthday or birthday time frame.

3. Write the age and date on back of print! yes PRINT it out! My mother and grandmother told me to write the dates on everything and I laughed! Now I am screwed with several photos and it has only been 4.5 years with Finn! Seriously we do not remember all that we think we always will.
6 months old and 8 months old look the fricking same to me now!

4. Display them! (staircase/wall/nursery)

5. Have fun and guess what? Yr creating amazing memories for the future! Yr an archiver of lovely.

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maya | springtree road said...

love it. need to do it. now.

solo nicole said...

what a great idea!!

Kim said...

Oh I love this. I am doing it! I took a picture of my little girl last year with her amber necklace on, so I'll stick with that one for her. What a fabulous idea!!!

hippo brigade said...

I love it! I think Blaise and my Berlyn are very close in age. Berlyn will be two on Feb 1. I wish that I did the prop/photo her first year. I guess it's still not too late to begin that tradition.

paige said...

Elliott poses in one of Albert's vintage bowling shirts each year for Father's Day. I'm bad about recording the date on the photos--lucky for us we move every 3 minutes, so I can tell the year by the location...

Patois said...

Wonderful that you're doing this. And what a doll.

Joanna Goddard said...

these photos are SO cute!

village mama said...

Yay to your birthday tradition!! Happy Birthday to your darling blooming Blaise. xo

monkey said...

my baby is turning one in less than two weeks (and her name is finn!) so thank you thank you thank you for this idea. i'm going to go thrift store shopping TOMORROW to find the perfect thing to dress her in.

Backpacking Dad said...

That is beyond cool.

mary said...

What a great idea!!

And I heart Finn. He's such a rough-and-tumble little guy. I love it. I want to hang out with him! (And you!!) xo

Poppy and Mei said...

I wanna smooch that lil man! XXxx

Isabel Kallman said...

love this idea. so much.

i'm going to stumble it! and kirtsy it! other readers, please do the same.


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