Friday, April 23, 2010

Simple Healthy EASY Family breakfast you can make the night before KID MUESLI and the kitchen stays cool in the summer!

My children get in breakfast eating ruts.
The whole winter they had the same two items:

Toast with butter (blaise)
Cinnamon brown sugar oatmeal (finn)

It got old.
For me.
SO. I started searching for simple and healthy breakfast ideas and thought about Muesli!
There are SO many recipes and ideas on the web but here is what we do:

basic recipe:
rolled oats (organic if you can)
liquid- (milk/juice/filtered water) anything here- we like whole milk.
Add Ins (think nuts/honey/dried fruit/fresh fruit/yogurt)

in a small bowl add some rolled oats (not quick kind)
top with liquid
let sit overnight in the fridge (bowls with lids are great)
top with yummy ingredients
This is so simple.

The great thing is the kids can prep it the night before and all you need to do is toss on the toppings and you are ready to eat.
It is the easiest ever!

AND my kids LOVE it.
AND my kitchen stays cool.
AND it's healthy.
AND it's kinda fun to create.
(and my kids want it for a snack even!)

here are some fun ideas for add in ingredients:

Dried fruit Chips
Fresh or frozen fruit
Dried dates
Dried figs
Karob or dark chocolate chips (go easy)
Flaxseeds or flax meal
Wheat germ
Oat bran

How about you?


Anonymous said...

you don't cook it or heat it up?

Heather said...

yum! We are doing this tonite, it sounds like something I would love in the mornings...forget the kiddos.

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

I've been baking batches of granola. I get a lower cal baking fix - husband gets a cheap healthy breakfast. WIN!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me of a great breakfast for my girls. We used to make this all the time - Oats soaked in diluted organic applejuice overnight then enjoyed with some fresh yoghurt, grated apple and chopped almonds in the morning - brilliant!


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