Friday, October 9, 2009

hold down the future

Finn's bottom two teeth are about to fall out and I swear to god it freaks me out.
It freaks me out that he is old enough to tongue his naked gums soon.
A hole where his teeth once erupted as I rocked him back and forth across many midnights.
Across the vast canyon of babyhood that only lasted for like ten seconds when I turn my head and think about it.
When I turn my head and strain my left eye.

trying to see the past
trying to hold down the future


Alexis said...

It flies by. We have so many teeth coming out that our person Tooth Fairy--we call her Gladys--barely gets any sleep these days!

Kim Baise said...

A son's 2nd bottom tooth fell out yesterday. He couldn't wait to insert a krazy straw through the hole and slosh down some apple juice :) It's funny how the tooth fairy somehow seems to be more real to him than Santa Claus.


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