Thursday, August 27, 2009

and I'll cry if i want to

it's not new
and to the more seasoned veterans of the asphalt jungle
it is old news

The release of the young to the others.
We stood there today and felt quite awkward just like we should have.

Standing there and really fighting back the tears
with a hand on his small shoulder
nudging him to the teacher

to the new important adult in his life
to someone else who will tell him things
and see his mouth open with amazement
tiny teeth sparkling

We stood there and it was like the adults were all struck mute-
only able to motion to their young.
like hand signals in baseball or something
Everyone was just waving and blowing kisses and acting strange.
and there was a lot of flash photography involved

We stood there and watched the ten seconds it took for the Kindergarten class
to disappear in tidy formation into the brick schoolhouse...
I looked until his blond hair snapped around the corner and he was gone from me.
We all then
and walked to our cars
and pushed our strollers towards the future.


Glass of Whine said...

This was beautiful. I am crying for you, and for me knowing this day will come for me oh too soon.

Jodi said...

This made my heart break a little considering I am going to be in your shoes one week from today.

Tell me it wasn't as hard as I think it's going to be, please tell me Amy!

amy turn sharp said...

jodi- It was pretty hard! :) But- he loved it- so that made it all better.

Rachel said...

My anxiety about sending Lil to kindergarten (at least one year away) is making me want to homeschool. But it's MY anxiety, not hers, which is not enough reason to keep her home.

Kelly O said...

Oh Amy, that was just lovely. Group hug!

Cassie said...

I do it next year, and I already know how it's going to be.

You express it in heartbreaking accuracy, methinks.

Ed said...

I remember last year, putting our Thomas on a school bus for the first time. This year his little brother joins him in elementary school. And I guarantee I'll spend this entire Monday just the way I spent Thomas' first day of school last year: Avoiding people, staring at the clock, trying to think of reason not to leave work and kidnap them both and take them to the zoo or for ice cream or someplace, any place where I can see them.
Whose idea was this anyway?

vincent said...

Like I said, I remember Steffis first day like it was yesterday and I am not looking forward to the emptiness of Monday when Sienna goes...

Erin said...

I've been waiting on your take on the first day of kindergarten and this is just beautiful. I will be doing this next year with my older son and I'm already dreading it.

Unknown said...

The first day is the worst. So strange to send them off to the unknown not being able to hold their hand through it. The only thing that eased it for me was the fact that T loved school. He had so much fun and made friends. You live in Worthington right? We might be at the same school. My babe is in first grade. It is such a LONG day! Today is his first so we'll see how he does!!! We line up in the back on the yellow lines. You?

amy turn sharp said...

Lindsey- email me! xo

180360 said...

just beautiful, amy.

ZDub said...



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