Monday, August 24, 2009

biochemical changes are taking place in my muscles

Today we walked the route to school. Practicing. It was a sweat 14 minutes, but not all bad.
Our route takes us through the very posh Frank Lloyd Wright Mid-Century modern village near our home. It also entails a wooded staircase and a path through a tiny forest.
It is very quaint.
It is kinda charming although my ass cheeks are throbbing.

We did the whole power walk thing on the way home. Snow is going to suck.
I am strangely aware that in four days I am going to be initiated into some new society.
The playground moms.
I see them at the playground after school.
They look cool.

I am an ass throbbing misfit.

For the record-Finn is very excited about school.
I am the nervous one.


Jodi said...

You said "I am an ass throbbing misfit" LOL!

I hear ya sister, in just a week and a half Jakob starts kindergarten.

Much love to you!

Ser said...

You could never be an ass-throbbing misfit, even if you tried.

secret agent mama said...

If you are a misfit, then a misfit I want to be!

michelle said...

I totally peg you as one of the cool moms! Have a good day.

Kim said...

I am right there with you sis. My boy starts on Monday, he can't wait, I'm a bit of a mess.
You will totally be one of the cool moms, how could you not? You're an ass throbbing misfit! ;)

Ed said...

Used to be a gag on the Three Stooges where something heavy would fall on Larry's toe. As he complained, Moe would slap him in the face. "What'd you do that for?" "Took your mind off your toe, didn't it?"
Our sons go back to school (kindergarten and 1st grade) this Monday and I'd welcome a slap to the face to take my mind off how much I'm going to miss them. Embrace the ass pain -- for the distraction it provides if nothing else.

World Wide Alternative said...

Oh man! I so know what you are talking about!
Since we made our move to a hoity-toity part of town I have been having trouble with the transition.
I'm totally the misfit.
You should see the places these chicks live in!
I'm not kidding they are mansions!
Millon dollar plus houses.
Threw me way off track for a while...getting back to what we know & love though...XXxx

Karen said...

if you are an ass-throbbing misfit you will fit right in with the rest of the ass-throbbing misfits at the playground. or at least with me. i am very much looking forward to your being there. :)

you're like 10x cooler than me, so you'll up my coolness factor. i'm looking forward to that.

Joslyn said...

for what it's worth you look cool AND you are cool!

Anonymous said...

So what's the trick? I still feel on the outside 5 years later and its lonely. :(


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