Monday, November 24, 2008

well they say the sky's the limit/and to me that's really true

I love me some
I wonder if they freaking love how much blogs chat about them. They really have it though. The whole package. My heart picks up pace when I walk through those large doors. Don't yrs?

I get that feeling (that of kinda too much stimuli but go a head and give it to me) feeling
small shudders of lust

Anyhoo. I like some of the new stuff online. I like it if we were a dress up family for Thanksgiving.
We are not.
I like this little lass.
I love a head wrap for particularly
mischievous days.

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180360 said...

I used to think that Anthropologie was my little secret store that no one else new about. It seemed to be made for me- slightly quirky, somewhat elegant, a touch of European flavor, mixed with a bit of clever uniqueness. Sadly now, everyone agrees! But I can't fault them for having great taste. :)

Our Green Nest said...

Um yes...I get uber excited. Mostly can only buy sale stuff :) but it's fun to look and be inspired!

amy turn sharp said...

180- me too! I used to get the cat before there was even a store in my state or region I think. It was much smaller but so lush still
and OGN- I only shop sale there! I love the pottery there though! swoon

Kate Coveny Hood said...

How funny! I wrote a post about Anthropologie's Nov. catalog earlier today. Great minds...

Sizzle said...

Not many could pull off the head wrap but you totally could!

I love Anthropologie but usually just buy the house stuff since most of their clothes would only fit my right tit.

Momo Fali said...

This is where I add another notch to my tragically un-hip belt. I've never been in there.

Karen said...

love love love anthropologie but hate hate hate the prices. only sale for me!

Betsy said...

Many Happy Returns, dear! Have a blessed day filled with love and light!

Anonymous said...

I have yet to shop at Anthropologie.. I get the catalog and love their look..

I just popped by to wish you the HAPPIEST Birthday!!!!

Enjoy your day!!!

Diane Mandy said...

Oh how I miss anthropologie!

blissfully caffeinated said...

I want to live in Anthropologie. And I could too, if they would let me.


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