Monday, September 8, 2008

You keep saying you got something for me

black wellingtons, originally uploaded by meredith m. grant.

Dear self.
When you start to make some money from this freelance life you can have some Hunter boots. When people start buying yr wood like mad you can have them in red and black. You can. You must wait now.
Just for a bit. Be patient.
It's hard to control yr lust.
But you must.
kiss kiss

Size 11 like a drag queen if yr listening Hunter wellington company.
size 11.


karey m. said...

if i was a rich girl {nanananananananananananananana!}...

i'd buy 'em for you. i would. xoxo.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

I'm afraid we can't send you some free boots, but I can put a link to your blog on our website if you like?

Drop me a line at and let me know if that's ok :)


Anonymous said...

There's a store about 5 blocks from me that sells them. And the store is a few doors down from our favorite watering hole, and while Rob and I were there having lunch (and, beers) one day I stood up, told the bartender we'd be right back, and went down the street and bought myself a navy blue pair.

So maybe if you come visit you can do the very same thing!

Jean Martha said...

Till then...WalMart has some pretty decent looking fakes...

Rowena said...

I know how you feel.

I like to make bargains with myself to urge me on to do the things I am scared of.

However, I don't believe in denying myself, and if I have set my soul on something enough to make such an important bargain, then sooner or later I just go and do it.

That doesn't mean you won't reach your goal, though. I have to keep telling myself that. I'm not externally motivated, anyway.

pinkmydear said...

You are subtle. I love it! Those wellies come in some great colors.

Ry Pepper said...

Oooo, I want 2 pairs and a handful of socks!

Joslyn said...

i think the hunter guys should totally send you free boots for that little love song of a post ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just to tame your lust a bit, I will tell you that my wellies barely fit over my athletic calves and when I do manage to pull them on, they suction themselves on to me like a pair of leaches. So FYI wear tall socks or tights with them :)

Anonymous said...

Love those boots!
way way cool!

Making it Lovely said...

Dang, no free boots?

Krista S. said...

I too have feel like a drag queen(11's) and a lust for black hunter huntress wellies :) did you ever acquire them?


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