Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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Tuesday List
all week
Joslyn and I will post lists from Friday's adventure!

Thanks for yr gorgeous lists Liz & Modern Eve

A List (Liz)
The smart & always-inspiring Amy at doobleh-vay (along with new-to-me but also inspiring Joslyn of Simple Lovely) has issued a challenge that I find enchanting. It's to make a list of small, meaningful things that we hope to achieve in whatever time period we want. Here's my list for the next 12 months.

1. Finish Keri Smith's 100 things
2. Make a quilt for Dash
3. Make Mark Bittman's No Knead Bread
4. Shop local next summer
5. Celebrate Winter Solstice in a meaningful way this year
6. Walk more
7. Take myself to the movies in the middle of the day
8. Reach out to my neighbors (I have a plan for this that involves "no pressure boo bags")
9. Walk away from a mess
10. Take Dash to the snow
11. Grow tomatoes. And squash. And peas.
12. Go camping
13. Stop at every lemonade stand I see. This will require keeping cash in the car. If you knew me you would know this is a challenge.
14. Go to the park more often
15. Get a real basketball hoop for Dash & Josh
16. Attend the local production of the Nutcracker
17. Watch Lance Armstrong ride through the streets of my neighborhood
18. Find a really, really great bra and buy 20 of them
19. Finish having my tattoo removed
20. Count my blessings every day
21. Elect a new president (I guess that's not small, but my part in it will be)

25 before 26 (modern eve)
1. Cook a turkey
2. Take ballroom dancing classes with husband
3. Create a piece of mixed media art
4. Have a garage sale
5. Run a 5K
6. Enter an essay contest
7. Refresh my Japanese
8. Convert old home VHS to DVD’s
9. Plant an herb garden
10. Create Europe scrapbook
11. Spend the entire day with my nieces
12. Teach a marriage education course
13. Golf with girlfriends
14. Have my Grandma teach me how to play bridge
15. Get a library card and use it
16. Do a completely anonymous random act of kindness
17. Take my hunter’s safety course
18. Design my mom’s business website
19. Finish re-upholstering slipper chair
20. Make family chickey-soup recipe on my own
21. Have neighbors over for dinner
22. Learn how to give a good massage to husband
23. Read an non-fiction book
24. Collect and donate old dresses
25. Bake homemade bread
what would make your bucket list?

Photo from the divine Alicia Bock! Swoon!


Liz said...

Oh! I feel famous, thanks!

Anonymous said...

thanks again for the inspiration!

Anonymous said...

I badly need to do #18 from Liz's list. Should have had that on mine.


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