Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I can hear the music playin'/I can see the banners fly

I saw this book at the library this morning and liked the lesson on Tibetan Prayer Flags.
I read about how Tibetans improve themselves and do good for others by making prayer flags. They dye cloth in colors that mirror nature and write prayers and wishes on the flags. Tibetans believe that the flags represent the voice of God and need to be high in the sky for the wind to carry the messages into the world.

I like this.

I have lots of messages, wishes, and wonders that I would love to put out there. I figured Finn would be into this and after making plans with sweet P, I decided it was a Park Art day.
We played up a sweat, met a cool family from the UK, and made some prayer flags. We left them all guerrilla art/ephemeral bad ass style at the park, hanging from the old wooden wishing well-like a reminder to the wind...


1. Cut out some square cloth (we used painters canvas) about 15 by 15 inches (pinking shears make it non fray)

2. Paint/dye/marker yr squares and write yr prayer or message ( sharpie here)
(Tibetans link flags in color patterns of blue, white, red, green, and yellow)

3. Attach to a string or rope ( we used a stapler) so the flags hang

4. Hang as high as you can for the wind to find and release!

Get me delivered to yr email xo


Anonymous said...

Those are some stunning children! Thanks for the lovely art day. We had a blast, and Astrid Meklit knows the color 'boo' now that she's been covered in it!

I can't find my blog said...

ou are such a cool mom!!

JCK said...

What a great idea.

We have a square that we are doing for a huge canvas tent that is being brought to Sudan as part of the Tents of Hope project.

Our Green Nest said...

LOVE that Amy!!!!

Joslyn said...

love this project...but especially love that you left them in the park. perfect.

village mama said...

you ooze alive and wonder - lucky universe!

Abby said...

I love this idea & your pictures, so beautiful. I like the idea of making the prayers your own.

mayaluna said...

Amy, this was an amazing post! I love everything about it...your explanation of the flags, your idea to do it with a group of children in a public space,leaving them behind with their messages floating on the wind...fabulous photos captured the entire mood...! wish I had been there...thanks for making me feel a little like I was!

Alix said...

This is totally brilliant. We've just got into painting on calico and this is a great next project. Thank you for the idea

Anonymous said...

I am all over this idea!! I have been wanting to purchase prayer flags to hang on my porch-but I am so embarressed to say that (not only am I a bad speller-) I never thought of making our own. Dough! Sometimes I amaze even myself. Thanks!!!


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