Friday, June 27, 2008

I Can Go for Miles if You Know What I Mean

Today is the first day of the festival where Little Alouette will have a booth. I am excited and terrified. I hope the energy is wonderful and I hope the folks like our wares. I will pretty much suck at posting until Monday, but after some rest on Monday I will be back with full force! Yahoo!

1. DSC04778, 2. Comfest 07, 3. Comfest says bike, dont drive, 4. Comfest-ers, 5. DSC07143_2, 6. Comfest 2007 Pride Parade

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Anonymous said...

Have a blast and KILL IT!! xoxo

Erika said...

Best of luck to you!!!! (why are those gals neckit?)

karey m. said...

are those boobies?! i already love that festival.

and not to worry. painted boobies are always a guarantee of wonderful energy.

at least, it is in my house.

eek. xoxo.


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