Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I know I'll often stop and think about them

Week Three/Wallace Stevens
Previously Friendship and Journey Poems

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird
This poem can be a very cool poem for children to experience. How many ways can you look at something? In detail and in landscape? In a feelings way or a matter of fact description way? Vantage points? Minds eye thoughts? Encourage yr child to choose a person or an object and try to look at it in 13 ways. Older children can expand on this and look at their object in larger terms, while younger children can dictate with prompts like:
What is the color of____?
How does ____ make you feel?
Where is _____?
How does_____ look?
How does_____ smell?
How does_____seem?
Why is ________?
and so on...
Finn "wrote" a poem with prompts at each section about Blaise.
We sat and observed Blaise early this morning and wrote our thoughts down.
I am amazed at the beautiful poem that came out of Finn.

13 Ways of Looking at Blay Blay

Blaise is in his wake up time in his crib
he looks baby

getting on a chair
babyish chair

loving him with love when
he plays running game with me

eating food
Mommy's food

funnyish baby boy

looking like a cat
baby meow

in the winter
good small

he is Blaise blue eyes
and purple mouth

say mama
loud and quiet
he hurts me ears

baby clothes
that look sleepy

PJ's on and watching me and you
thinking about poetry
but he is a baby

he makes me feel sad and happy
good and bad
he hits me

sweet like candy
when he sleeps

that baby is a poem

* I am thrilled to be on The Crafty Crow today! This is a GREAT site that I adore!


robin ann mcintosh said...

this is one of my FAVorite poems. I love Wallace Stevens... such a scientific poet.

found your blog from inside out - very beautiful! looking forward to reading more :)

village mama said...

Wicked tender poem Finn!

Here's a future market for you:


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