Wednesday, April 16, 2008

But whatever road you choose/I'm right behind you, win or lose

We are becoming block makers. Finn was apprentice to a sexy carpenter last night. He loved being around dad and all the sawdust and noise. It was true bonding night and he was up until 9:30pm (unheard of at our house- ask our friends...we tuck in wee ones wicked early!) Finn had a rather hard day yesterday that ended in his missing out on Tuesday play date with his buds. I could take it no longer when dad walked in the door- thank God he took away Finn's mean streak and the rest of the evening spread out against the dusk like glitter. How can dad make it all better like that? I get jealous. I could hear them talking in the bath last night as I sat in the dining room at bottom of the stairs. Finn told Joe that he was naughty bc he was bored. Grrrrrr. What does the kid want? Circus tents and acrobatics across the backyard while I spin webs with my hands and make banana bread with my feet? Oh well...Some days are diamonds. Today I let the sunshine and outside do most of the entertaining. The boys are sleeping hard bc
the morning was heavy with non boring outdoor fun.

We are slowly going to start selling blocks on my etsy shop. We hope to make some toys in the summer too out of some gorgeous maple and other woods, but for now we are making blocks. They are cool and if you buy some and are a doobleh-vay reader you get a free bakers twine
package if you use the code blocklove in yr order to me. Yahoo for blocks! xo


Anonymous said...

I need to go check this out. I love blocks and I know my boys would love them!!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see them! I heart blocks.

village mama said...

wonderful addition to your shop

bella said...

These blocks are so cool.
And I know what you mean, about feeling jealous of dad being the "fun" one. I can be there all day for my little guy - making food and playing trains and kissing boo-boos and then dad walks in the door and its a party. :)

Joeprah said...

Dude, you guys do the coolest things. You and your crafts and now this. I suck.


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