Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Well pick me up with golden hands

I have been playing for days...
playdate last night
playdate today with breaking porcelaine
playdate tomorrow with lil P
playdate with Dawn and coffee with Momo on friday
Once again, I am the most popular girl at summer camp
no seriously
i am so lucky and tired
kids gleeful
they needed this after two weeks of mom ill/funkadilly
thinking of St. Patrick's Day
will probably cut shamrocks from construction paper/make potato prints/eat green all day/drink some brew
would like to make this
how bout you?


Amy said...

oh bummer...raisins are not welcomed around here...yuck...other wise you might have had me on board with this recipe!

Anonymous said...

I LUV those green boots.. I guess we're out for bossy?

Momo Fali said...

Well, this uncrafty lady will be drinking brew, but no cutting shamrocks I'm afraid. Thank goodness for elementary and preschool teachers, or my kids would never know glitter and glue.

Anonymous said...

This picture is a RIOT!!! Why do crying kiddos crack me up?

Anonymous said...

The thighs, the boots, it's magic!

I've got a corned beef, carrots, and turnips in the crock pot, and the baby potatoes and savoy cabbage will go on to steam when I get home. I've got hard cider and stout, and a gingerbread cake ready for hard sauce. Wish I had time for decorations, too.

Happy St. Patrick's.

village mama said...

cute-oh-look-at-those-yummy-baby-wrists-dude looks like such a dude!!!

hmmm, good question, if we can't muster up the from-scratch cookies, then it's just a rated R event: guineess for mum & dad!


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