Monday, March 10, 2008

my voice was just a roar

I have been walking around these past few weeks trying to recall a song that was like on the tip of my tongue, blocked lyrics that I felt were constantly on the verge of being recovered. It has been such a tease. I have sat and squinted my eyes and pushed my lips together with no success. I have called friends and bugged them. I have consulted every subpar music site on the web. I was about to give up, to relinquish the quest to the dark and dank parts of my mind...allowing it to float right from my grasp.
Then last night as I sat writing, I had the divine intervention. I saw the lyrics and heard the song and finally it was there. I had forgotten that I loved The Wild Colonials and the "Fruit of Life" CD. I loved in particular the "Philadelphia Story" song. I loved it so much once...How did I forget so easily? I placed the song in some photos of our snowy weekend. Have a listen.

*Something else I would like to touch on here today is some sad news I found out. I adore the blog salt and chocolate and Mary Beth is a kind and fabulous woman that I have had the pleasure of connecting with and I read today that her 16 month old has been diagnosed with Leukemia. I am frantic inside for her and feel a bit off all day after hearing this news. The good thing is that his prognosis is good and they are positive. I still can't make it right in my head. I still can't shake the feeling of deep sadness. Life is hard and uncertain and I don't quite get it all the time. I am wishing them all the positive energy I have today. I am giving it all away. If you get a moment, go over and leave her some encouragement. Think about yr life today.
Spell it out as you walk around P R E C I O U S


village mama said...

Yeah to you piecing together your memories and rediscovering your song.

Will definitely drop by the site and wish well. XO

ps email me your snail mail

Anonymous said...

Those pictures are stunning.. I love the snow creations..

And I am praying for your friend.

Avery Gray said...

I love the pics and the song together. It's like a Kodak commercial, only a million times cooler!

That's devastating news about your friend. I hope and pray for a positive outcome. Breaks my heart to think that anyone so young should have to endure so much.

Hope you're doing well.


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