Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Dawn breaks like a bull through the hall

daddy is home today
it is like a holiday
outside early
because it is ohio
and it may be 75 in the morning

Last night my ex boyfriend from Mykonos emailed me. He has been giving me back my fading memory of the time I lived there and reminding me of Greek phrases and some history of the island. There is no budget for a trip back to research for the novel this year and I must rely on my minds ancient film, books from the library, and some things that Makis gives. He reminded me about the north winds in August called the "meltemia" and nudged me to recall Delos where we would ride small rocky boats to the island where Apollo was born and how no one may ever be born or die there now. Delos means lightfull , luminous , clear...brought to the light. He gave me tons of information and I know he will be the conduit for the glimmering scenes that once played out there in the aegean sea.
He also told me he is getting married next year and I am happy for him. Smiling/corners crack. I won't lie though-my stomach felt leady for a moment. How can I feel like that? 10 years have passed and I am deliriously happy and I do not have two lives to live. I think it perhaps roots from only child selfishness. (I blame a lot on that whenever I feel like an ass.)
We are invited and Joe says we should try and go. We have not had an adventure in Greece for five years. I could have a novel to take to him by then. I could walk off the plane and hand him the words that he so helped me form. Efharisto


Unknown said...

Maybe our lives have many layers, the past being one of them. Sometimes old friends resurface and it is like a direct connection with an "old you." The weird part is trying to understand how old you and present you are related.

village mama said...

I can not wait to get my hands on your novel, which I already know I'll inhale in one sitting.

Happy trip to marry your friends.

MarĂ­a said...

Can I come??

Anonymous said...

Wow. It's poetic, really. And I understand the heavy heart.

Greece? Sounds magical. You should go. I certainly love the scene you paint of stepping off the plane and handing him your novel.

Yes, I shall live vicariously through you. :)

amy turn sharp said...

thanks guys :) yr super supportive

Anonymous said...

Grin - I have to remember that explanation - it's a good one :D

I think it's just natural to have a little lump there for a second.
I mean, that person has been part of your Life once.

(Found you via blog365 RSS)

Anonymous said...

I have so many issues with the old me and putting them to rest. It is a struggle I deal with more than I care to admit..

Greece. Wow.

Anonymous said...

I hope you get to go!

Anonymous said...

Love your imagery here. Returning as you are now will be fantastic! New yes, new wisdom.

I'll see you around the neighborhood.


village mama said...

more Greece love: http://mettespotteridanmark.blogspot.com/


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