Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Walk with me,Suzy Lee/through the park and by the tree

My pal Kay has sent me a parcel from far away today.
I was blue today/headache/the tiny kid germs have invaded me I think.
I was blah and uninspired and then I opened the package and felt alive!
Kay is someone I "met" through blogging and I am so happy that we connected.
On Valentines Day I am planning on posting about connections
and the blog world and what I have discovered.
a whole universe of inspiration and connections
I invite you to check out her page.
If you want some cool furniture or need ideas or sparks you will find it there.
And I think the kettle is always on if yr in the Netherlands xo


village mama said...

aren't packages THE best, this one looks wonderful and cozy.

Sorry you are feeling uninspired. You are so inspiring to others, me, that that is part of the reason why you are blah, you give so much, you keep nothing for you. Tomorrow keep some for you, for V-Day love to you. xo

Anonymous said...

I am off to check it out!!
Hope you feel better!

amy turn sharp said...

:) hugs gals
I am going to be all about me Friday morning through Sunday eve as I escape away on a plane to Omaha! Once my duties are preformed- I am a beer drinking relaxing girl!

Misty said...

packages are the best! They do that and it's wonderful how something can life one's spirit like that!

Anonymous said...

it's me, this is cool , love thanks

Anonymous said...

Yay for mail! I am in love with my postman. It truly is amazing, this bloggy world. So fun to talk to /swap/ read about the lives of others sharing this world with us. Makes it a little smaller, yk? I agree with village are very inspiring! Sometimes it doesn't help to re-charge (and it sound like you may be doing that in Omaha!) have fun:-) (Can't wait to swap with/for the kiddies! We're having fun making)


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