Saturday, September 1, 2007

L.A. Woman

So we took a little holiday from the boys.
Four day getaway to L.A.
Thank you grandma.

It was fierce! I have decided that it is necessary to recharge yr batteries from time to time. We stayed at the Chateau Marmont where we saw like 100 movie stars! I was in my element. Robbie Williams and I had a moment. Mary-Kate Olsen and my husband shared a hello...the list is crazy! We ate large amounts of superb food, burnt our skin a bit, drank cocktails, and reconnected.
Life ticks away so quickly these days and sometimes I feel that I am not able to sit uninterrupted and listen to Joe talk to me. I had forgotten to remember how clear and light his eyes are and how he always looks at me when we talk. I had neglected to reminisce with him lately. I had lapsed in laughing a lot this summer. I needed this time with this man I have loved for so long. We were rock stars and today I am tired.

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vincent said...

Amy, I was just thinking of you and hoping you guys were okay, got on here, and found out you had been on holiday. GREAT!!! Glad you had such a wonderful time together. Moments are so hard to catch in everyday life!!! Take care... Victoria


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