Monday, August 27, 2007

Carbon Copy Life

I want yr organic life. I am trying to be clean and crusty. (of the earth) I am channeling my hippie haunts of Athens, Ohio. I am shopping local. I am talking to my son about vegetables recklessly. I am pushing the good stuff. I am growing up a baby and a preschooler and I want to divert their attention from Go-gurts and fast food. Chicken nuggets- what's the freaking allure? I am filtering and dodging childhood sweets left right and center. I am trying to reduce the probability of the genetic chub gene and promote health at the same time. I have been working on this for a long time, but I stumble...
I try and keep this with me while shopping and I do read labels...I will open their mouths and pour in succulent farmers market finds, organic veggies and dairy, and all that gleams golden and good- but I will stuff trash in my mouth like a robot. I am sad. I don't want to be a bad example.
I met Morgan Spurloch's girlfriend(now wifey I think) Alex Jamieson when she and Morgan were in town promoting a documentary. It was arranged that they would come and shoot some footage at my local after school program . She prepared some items with the children and Morgan hung out with the kids..It was cool and I thought about what she said... we need to teach kids to eat whole foods. Duh, like there is even a store that you can go and just like shop for that...No, seriously, she had a lot of good information and I still feel bad that I made a comment about vegans eating very little like birds. I started to read her website and I did slowly start the change...I also started reading books on how to prepare baby food for Finn and I was so proud that my child did not eat a morsel of McDonald's or other shit for nearly three years (damn you birthday parties and play dates)- I am trying very hard but eating the right way is so expensive! I have had to revamp our shopping to accommodate all the good foods for my children... Why does a beautiful organic peach cost so much? Why will I pay 4.59 for organic yogurt for the boy, but buy myself cheap apples? Why can't I live off the land? Can I have a chicken in city limits? I am going to have a garden next year...but, what can I do this winter to cut costs and eat right? How can I learn that I am worthy too? I really need ideas and information to assist me in this overhaul...I want yr organic life.

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