Sunday, September 25, 2011

Win a "Parent on the Go Commute Better Kit" for your sweet ride.

This summer I attended a Lunch sponsored by BP at Rigsby’s Kitchen from BP’s Commute Better Advisory Board, speakers were FOX-TV contributor and local auto expert Dan “Boots” Longenette, local traffic reporter with Clear Channel Radio Network Craig Sinclair and BP mom “Momo Fali” Diane Lang.  They gave us cool (and often funny tips thanks to MOMO) back-to-school commuting tips and tricks for on-the-go parent! I was given a cool back to“Mom on-the-go Commute Better Kit” for my car that included:

• Kid-friendly car organizer
• $10 BP gas card
• Tumbler
• Umbrella
• Sunglasses
• Travel coffee mug
• Air freshener
• Tire gauge
• Hand wipes
• Sunscreen
• Band-Aid First Aid to go Kit
• Flashlight
• Travel packs of Kleenex
• Hand lotion
• Notepad
• Pens
• Coloring book
• Crayons

You can learn more at BPCommuteBetter.
Just leave me a comment or leave a tip for commuting to win!

BP will send a full kit to the winner! I will draw it on Friday!
Yay! And the little car kit is awesome. I have been much more organized lately!
I am not being paid or compensated for this post. I just wanted you to have one too! xo


Annie said...

I do not listen to any music on my commute. It's the time every day my sister and I are able to catch up.

Lisa & Jason said...

Audiobooks!! Only way I keep sane during long commutes

Amy said...

I need all the things!

I love the app Stitcher for listening to podcasts back to back without having to fool around with buttons in between (unlike the iPod app which requires me to do stuff to it in between podcasts). I can create custom stations, etc.

Thanks for the chance to win! XOXOXOX!!!

Shawna said...

How cool! I've found myself needing each and every one of these things at some point!

Desiree Fawn said...

Definitely audiobooks, or fun mixes of my fav music. Snacks too, of course, haha :)

rella12 said...

My afternoon commute= I leave work at 3:30, pick up both kids and drive through Washington DC to get home around 5:15. My favorite tip for commuting with kids is to be flexible.... know the back roads and don't be afraid to just stop, park, and run around for a bit to wait it out.

Amelia Sprout said...

Ooo, I love that!
My main "get out of the house" tip is to do as much to get stuff together the night before. It definitely helps me not forget stuff.

sp8cemunky said...

I will very shortly be embarking on the family commute lifestyle..I will eagerly read the tips and comments. Thanks for posting this.

Kim said...

i don't commute a whole lot anymore, we just do road trips up to Kansas City to see the Grandparents. So, my tip for that is that we will fill a bucket of books and put them on the backseat between the two oldest children. Then they can pass out books and everyone (mostly) stays happy.

Jennifer C. said...

Oh this is such a lovely kit for the car. So many things I probably never would have thought to bring along but definately so useful in case of little emergencies!~

When commuting my number one thing is to have my ipod with me in the car so when I hit traffic I always have a collection of happy upbeat songs I can sing and dance to (and probably look insane to those around me - oh well!!) Keeps me in a better mood!



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