Friday, September 23, 2011

The Creative Connection Event and me

My beautiful panelist peers: Sacred SudsLiv , Sarah Jane 

The bar was rocking with my roomie Suzy and our pals Debbie and Melissa. 

The Creative Connection Event is an amazing conference in Minnesota.
I attended the first one in 2010 when Scout was just a wee newborn and this year I went back on my own for some creative renewal. I was on two panels with these fabulous women and had a booth at the spectacular market. WHIRLWIND.

My beautiful panel Crissy and Becky

I am unsure how to describe this event. It is part inspiration and part business event. You are able to take art and craft  and cooking classes all day long. They have cheese making to painting and everything in between. You can learn from panels and workshops on how to grow or start a craft business and you can shop the amazing market too. You can hear keynote speakers and become inspired and motivated. You can meet with editors and industry leaders. It is so much rolled into a conference where EVERYONE is kind and engages with each other.

I loved meeting so many cool people. I loved all of the keynotes:

I have more to say about this magical event.
I will be giving shout outs each week to all the gorgeous women that I met in Minnesota!

First one:

Check out this Darling:

She is an amazing sewing and crafting goddess!
{more about her later- she gave me a pattern and I am going to make a dress!}


Amelia Sprout said...

I am just dying to know if it will be here again next year, so I can volunteer and go. So glad I got to see you.

180360 said...

That sounds like a pretty killer blog event even though I'm admittedly not normally into that sort of thing. :) Frankly, when I finally meet you, I don't need to make cheese or knit anything. I want to drink a pint (or three), laugh, dance and listen to music. Is it weird that I can visualize that? Perhaps... I'm just drunk and capitulating on an island. Either way, when are we going to meet, darling? xx

Sizzle said...

That sounds so fun. Way more fun than BlogHer! Maybe I should go sometime...

It would dreamy to hang out with you and 180/360.


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