Monday, April 18, 2011

Poetry Responses from 5MBP

Here are some of the gorgeous excerpts:

from Sizzle:

She can’t name why
and even if you asked, she wouldn’t tell
because good girls know
you don’t speak of such things.

from Kaply:

Letting go is
but once done
relief finds me
like a breeze in the midst
of a humid day.
And I exhale.

from Robin:

challenges me with ancient words,
opens her veins and splashes blood mixed with tears,

from Schmutzie:

Me and this couch I'm sitting on?
We could just up and disappear, just sucked up into an errant pocket,
and time would fold over that spot where I was and move on,

from Mishelle:

he buds were barely on trees
Making way for green

from Dani:

as she stalked off, he was obviously upset
i told him to shrug it off and chalk it up to crazy
no need to sweat

from Tara:

Floating on the breeze
Silhouettes rice paper thin
A song without words

from me:

I traced the Mississippi river with my finger from the sky
and the people here have kind eyes
and hero hands
and I am a voodoo love machine
hurricane gangster
in New Orleans

Did we forget anyone? xo

Friday is #4

One thing I want to stress about this poetry writing is that we are not in search of perfection. We are in draft mode. We want to reach into our minds and find themes or thoughts that have been with us and just start something. JUST GO! We aim to find a perfect sentence or a perfect line that can make us want to write more. This is what we need....words that lead us.


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