Monday, April 18, 2011

Amazing wee Easter and Spring treats for baskets and crafty days.

I wanted to share these adorable little carrots and parsnips that our friend Amy had over at Lottie Da for her Spring open house.
Abby from Frolic Kids made the adorable favors!

They are SO CUTE and realistic looking on a table scape.
I don't have a tutorial but I think you can get the idea.
 The items wrapped so cleverly in the streamer paper were:

bottle of bubbles
sidewalk chalk
candy necklace

How sweet? What could you make? A whole spring basket? A salad? Wow.

My video sucks and I did not have my camera that day- but don't you love it?


1 comment:

Hippo Brigade said...

I love the streamer parsnips. What a fun idea! If I was crafty, I might just attempt those, but I'm not.


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