Thursday, April 7, 2011

I am really good at it.

Ok. Well sometimes I fall flat.
Sometimes I just want it to work out so badly in the meadows of my mind.

But I got it really right once.
In the way back machine of my career outside of the internets I had these two employees that loved each other. I could see it. I knew that had desire potential. I knew they had fire if I could just spark it. I am good at this. I throw sparks.
So I smashed them together in tiny cafe chairs outside of our old city apartment balcony a decade ago. I made them Chicken Korma while wearing red lipstick and a tight black dress and pushed so much wine down them that they had to spend the night with us. We pointed towards my old daybed in the office and Joe and I fell into our bed with giggles and slurry love songs.

Yesterday I got this in the mail:

And it has made me float ever since.
Because love is so fricking real.
It's what we eat.
It's our water.
It's our best thing we got people.


All Adither said...

Nice work, Amy!

Sizzle said...

I've successfully matched two couples- both married for many years now. It's so fun! I like your zest for love and life, lady.

robin said...

I just gotta say, your words tear me open & make my heart swell.

That's a good thing.

Thank you. xo


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