Wednesday, February 16, 2011

last one- Photo of Daniel the Russian Exchange Counselor

I also talked about how I got sent to work at a camp during the summer of my junior year in college. 
The Presbyterian Church camp summer that seemed to be the tiny hallway towards adulthood for me. 
Many things happened that summer and I had no idea how the world could shake until then.

I discovered that I was able to be quiet in those woods.  
I read Walden for the real first time and sat with myself. 
I learned how to make God's Eyes and how to say "Please take off your dress" in Russian. 
I moon bathed shirtless with my cousin Erin on the tops of roofs and said little prayers to a God that I was more or less just afraid of until that summer. 

I discovered that inside of my mind there was a tunnel to a more serene place. 
I still don't know if God is on the other side of that tunnel or a sexy bearded apparition of Henry David Thoreau- but I know that I have this peace place and the origins of it are based in a small camp in Ohio.


erin margolin said...

and the photo, too.
now i must go hunt down my copy of Walden....

Alessandra @ Tribal Times said...

So great to have had that experience. Don't they have adult camp anywhere? I would love to sleep in a bunk bed and giggle all night long.


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