Monday, February 14, 2011

Another Slide from my Pecha Kucha Presentation

I would sit around with photo books spilling off my thighs and onto the floor when I was about Finnian's age and make up stories about the ancient images.
This was Odette and she was a little girl who had a diplomat for a father and they all stopped for a picnic in California and she took off all her clothes because she wanted to feel the way American weeds tickled her legs.

But really this little girl is my mother and her name is Shelia and she has a Southern Baptist minister for a daddy and this was either West Virginia or out at my great Auntie Rhoda's farm.
She was starkers because it was summer and the sun beat down. 

And her curls were delicious and I am still sad that I don't have them.



Anonymous said...

Love the made up story. Looking at old family pictures is the best. I get such a kick out of it! Have a good V-day!

mommaruth said...

Either version sounds wonderful and daydreamy to me...

I love the endless possibilities old photos have - the charm is so amazing.

Amy said...

I love this photo, this post, this story.


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