Friday, May 14, 2010

Kids sharing rooms

We need to think bunk beds soon.
If Joe ever had a spare moment he could build us something like this I think.
Love it. Do kids fall out of these things a lot?

image via house and home


Ed said...

Very cool. Too cool for us. I refuse to allow our kids a nicer environment than we allow ourselves. Especially since they're responsible for our relatively new home having such a thoroughly "lived in" look.
Oh, and our kids have bunk beds (IKEA) and have never fallen out. Jumped off? Yes. Fallen out? No.

Neil said...

Kids don't fall out. They love it.

kirida said...

My husband's brothers slept in bunk beds and there is a story that goes like this: the brother who slept on top peed through the mattress so thoroughly that it dripped through onto the other brother's head and face. My husband woke up the pee victim to let him know this. So they may not fall out, but bedwetters should take the bottom bunk.

AnnetteK said...

That is the tallest bunk bed I have ever seen! My son has a bunk bed and no - he has never fallen out.

Heather said...

The only fall out if they decide to sit on the guard on the top bunk and taunt their sister until they fall and fracture their radius and ulna during the only show that I watch all week long.

Since you don't have girls I think you are safe.

But seriously. We have had the bunkbeds for at least 8 years and we only had one incident for which the child takes full responsibility. If the bunk beds scare you you can always do trundle beds. My sister did that with her boys and she really liked it.

Ariel has the beds in her room now and sleeps on the top bunk everynight....the rail is high enough that I don't worry.

Sheri (Green and Crunchy) said...

Wow -- that's pretty sleek looking. Love the uncluttered look too :)

2 of my (soon to be 6) kiddos have bunkbeds and so far in 4 yrs there's been just one unfortunate nose-dive off the top bunk -- that was a result of some wild brotherly horsing around though :)

susiej said...

Yes... looks great... but... very difficult to read in bed if you're on the bottom... and if they want to cuddle with you -- very difficult...and if the guy on top is sick...
I tore ours down!

The height here could help -- or hinder if they're sick.

Condo Blues said...

I shared a room as a kid. We had bunkbeds. I never fell out of them. Jumping off the top of the ladder and twisting an ankle? A resounding YES.

I'm sure your kids are much smarter than that!

amanda said...

Nope, no falling out. Just need to be sure you have a humidifier in the winter. The top bunk gets hot and dry!

Hannah said...

My girls have had bunk beds for 3 years now. No one has fallen off the top bunk yet...just a few spills off the bottom. It is a single on top with a guardrail and a double on the bottom (which is nice for guests). We are actually "de-bunking" this summer. You may have our set if you want. It is metal and would look fantastic with a paint job...I just never got a round to it. They are red and it matched the girls' bed spreads so I didn't bother.


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