Friday, January 29, 2010

Love, Friday

This week I only wish I had a letter penned by my mother or my father.
I wish I had one. I don't-but I know their secrets.
Long ago I would sneak lookies at cards they left for each other on the wooden kitchen table.
At the bottom of the card, under a signature was always ILYTM in tiny capitals.
On his cards. On her cards.
I found out later, when I had the courage to ask, that it meant:
I Love You The Most
What little love letter quirks do you do?


Tara R. said...

My husband and I sign our names T.B. and E.B (not our real initials), nicknames we gave each other when we were first dating. I add 'aaf' on my letters and cards too - always and forever.

I've kept all our love letters. When we started dating, there was no internet, no email. We wrote real letters to each other - perfumed. You can't get that from an Instant Message.

Anonymous said...

when times are fighty i grad my loved one and i rap my arms around her and jump up and down. she in turn grabs on and jumps too. it's called "bouncing" one can only laugh when bouncing. it's a love note for sure

Anonymous said...

inside my wedding band rj had TWBNO engraved. and i didn't know until our wedding day. on a day after an enormous fight last night...i suddenly feel like lovin' on him! :)


krista said...

we started saying 'guess what?' and the answer was 'i love you.'
very early on, however, the 'guess what?' became a game where the other person would lose if they actually said 'what?'
four years and one baby later, 'guess what?' has turned into our shorthand for 'i love you.'


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