Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For a girl in need of a tourniquet

I did drive around in my 1988 Volvo at the bittersweet end of the 90's with this song playing.
I would sing it out and practice subtle vulnerability at stoplights.
At octagonal red signs.
At ends of driveways.


Uncle Beefy said...

Oh, m'dear.... I'm so feelin' your flow. Pickin' up what you're throwin' down. Sigh.

Barchbo said...

I love this song! Aimee Mann is so fabulous and amazing. She's an original.

Strawberry said...

Indeed. At least you were subtle.

Sheri said...

this is the song my husband and i danced to at our wedding. :) i just love it still.

Mary said...

Great song. Thanks for sharing!

Sizzle said...

One of my favorite Aimee Mann songs.


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