Friday, May 22, 2009

In love!

This week I am going to tell you some things that I am in love with:

So in love with this papa!

I have got it so bad for this site!

These amazing handmade letter tiles are so loved by Finn and Blaise!

This market has my heart!

Joe made something this week that I love!

I am in love with this shop:

Love this tutorial. I may replicate this look for the Memorial Day festivities in my Norman Rockwell Town:


Jill said...

I was on Dear Old Love a couple weeks ago!!! Or rather a little blurb I wrote was. But still... Cool, right?

Sizzle said...

Dear Old Love depresses and invigorates me. :-)

Terresa said...

what's the story of the guy in the blue underwear who looks like Prince? Now you've got my attention.

village mama said...

what a great!! collage of love. xo.


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