Friday, January 30, 2009

"Nothing harder than being given your chance. At least, that's what I hear."

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This stinks.
First Domino magazine folds and today I hear that Wondertime is bust.
The particularly crappy part to the latter is my article won't run in 2009 now.
I was pretty excited about being in Wondertime- remember?
What a bummer for me.
What a bummer for all of us as it was a gorgeous and lush mag.
Sad heart today.
Will I ever be a writer?

title post- great Expectations 1998


Katie @ said...

Oh what a crushing thought on your first gig. The good news is that now you know you can do it, so I hope you keep at it. I just found your blog today, and *I* enjoy reading your writing if that means anything. You and I - we'll get there in that publishing world together!

nichole said...

Oh Amy, that SUCKS! Yes, you will be a writer, and I argue that you ARE a writer. ;)

definitely get involved with #journchat (@journchat) on twitter. It's an ongoing discussion within the media/blogging/journalism world about the future of those worlds. Interesting times indeed, and opportunities for the right people who recognize them.


Cary Milkweed said...

Oh, Amy. That makes me sad, too. You are a wonderful writer, and I know this is just a setback. You WILL BE PUBLISHED!!!

village mama said...

Sorry you are sad. xo. You are a fantastic writer. xo. You write all the time, everywhere, with your kids, in your sleep. xo. You have a novel in progress; you've got journals and poems. If you posted 500 times a day I would read you. xo.xo.

fruitlady said...

I am so depressed about Domino. Didn't know about Wondertime and I'm glad as they are gone too. Sorry about your article! Don't worry! Your time will come!

Ser said...

Oh Amy, that is so lame. I swear, this writing thing is such a head game. But like everyone says, you ARE a writer. Your thoughts and your words are lovely.

nkp said...

Oh, you most definitely ARE a writer...but that just sucks! I have a subscription to both and you just delivered the news about Wondertime. This situation is getting dire, coming at us from all sides! I feel lucky to be able to always find inspiration here.

Kim said...

I read that and just couldn't believe it. How sad. I love that mag. blah.
You'll get published, just not in that one. Hit up Mothering Mag. They rock too. said...

Oh that is a HUGE bummer! I hope you get the rights back and are able to publish it in a different publication. I just came by via the guest post below and really love your blog!

Rowena said...

Yes, we all know you already are a writer. Sorry you got your story axed though. I anticipate something similar will happen to me, possibly often, when I finally get my stuff out there. I think this is part of what it means to be a writer. I mean, if we want stability, we can go be teachers. It's something else we're looking for.

Chin up. Have faith. Nose to the grindstone. And all that stuff.

(let's not try to imagine the chin up AND the nose to the grindstone, shall we?)

Patois said...

You are a writer.

Erika said...

My kids nanny is a reporter for 2 major newspapers. She just lost both of her jobs because of the crappy economy. She has sent out resumes to over 80 jobs with no luck. And don't tell anyone but I am extra sad for her because now we cannot even afford to pay her to work for us.
Times are hard and I think we are only at the tip of it, although my husband disagrees and thinks we are in the middle of it.

You should take some time now to write a book. Write some children books! I don't think print is dead yet. Just taking a nap for awhile.

Isabel Kallman said...

i am so sorry that your article won;t be published in Wondertime, which was a very lovely magazine.

i am sure that you'll soon have another one published in print, my dear.

Alexis said...

That sucks, but don't despair because you are a great writer. Just keep plugging along and good things will come to you!

Headless Mom said...

That bites.

You ARE a writer. You will be published-a better opportunity is just around the corner.

I just found our that my favorite magazine is going out of print too. *sigh* On the upside, I don't have to agonize over the cost of renewal every year.


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