Friday, January 16, 2009

"Bite your teeth into the ass of life."

I was a big slacker at Christmas and did not make that one thing he wanted. Mincemeat pie.
I really do not even know what it is right. Is it meat or is it like nasty fruitcake? Dunno.

Anyhoo. I got this book out of the library yesterday to try and make amends for my craptastic wifey ways. I thought I would start now and perhaps by December be able to create the pie. (I have learned that often proper British foods take weeks to prepare and involve ingredients sitting around in tins and such so I really made an effort you see.)

So this book, "Great British Cooking" by Jane Garmey looks pretty good and I bring it home and the first thing I notice while flipping through it is that someone had really strong feelings about the crumpets on page 210. I swear to God there is post it note on page 211 describing in detail the authors mistake. I swear to God that the post it note has been typed.
This is freaking serious crumpet love.

have you ever seen something so mad?!
I may start leaving love notes in library books...

title post- Big Night 1996

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Rachel said...

That is fantastic!

Maybe I'm a bit of a voyeur, but I love imagining about the people who leave library receipts and notes in books.

Sarah said...

Hey, you should submit this to Found Magazine -

Kim said...

This is brilliant..why did I never think to do something so fun??

Andre Coquillon said...

Sounds like fun - I have some library books to take back this week...

Whose day could I brighten by leaving a nice note or a pressed flower?

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I'm trying to think of who might still own a typewriter - let alone type a message on a post it note... That's pathalogical.

180/360 said...

That is awesome. I've found various things in library books and it is always a treasure.

PS. Just say no to mincemeat pie!

Emma Bradshaw said...

never underestimate the British and their love for a crumpet! I had a crumpet toaster for Christmas so I could toast mine on an open fire!

Your note reminded me of Andrea's guerilla art project here that was just so cool - random acts of kindness to strangers.

Maybe you should start leaving notes in library books in a similar fashion?

Oh and mince pies don't have meat in just fruit - let me know of you need a recipe to surprise the Mr.!

Emma x

gonzomama said...

what a great find. this made me laugh out loud.
i think leaving notes in library books is a great idea.
not sure about typing them though. was that person afraid they'd be tracked down through handwriting analysis?

oh, and i am one of those people that leaves library receipts in books, on occasion.

paige said...

My favorite bookmark* ever was found in a children's library book. I used it for centuries (in library books only) until I too left it in a library book. I hope it is being loved by someone else now

*not an actual bookmark--it was a kid's drawing and note

Patois said...

Blogger just gave me an error saying the request took too long. I think I said something pithy about the note's author making sure her -- yeah, I'm guessing it's a woman -- handwriting couldn't be analyzed and traced back to her so she typed it instead. Christie-like, yes?

fruitlady said...

That is priceless. Please do start leaving notes. It's sort of like leaving blog comments. Only in books. Sweet.

Rachel - a Southern Fairytale said...

I can't even begin to tell you how many times I've been tempted to leave notes in books! That is brilliant ;-) so fun.

susiej said...

That is great! Wicked, but great.

Ry said...

That is genius! Crumpet love is a serious kind of love. So much so that it's inspiring. I think we should all leave personal comments in our library books now.

Especially if we can type them out like this person did.

Danielle said...

I worked in libraries years ago and we would find all kinds of notes and things in books. I'd never seen a neatly typed comment though!


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