Tuesday, December 30, 2008

You're the crop to my rotation/You're the sum of my equation

3 things making me super happy for 2009. (geeky laugh)

The meal planner. I wanted to graduate to a pocket type planner. I am trying to be more organized in 2009. This etsy seller rocks. It is simple and perfect and I wanna be a menu making goddess again this year.

The calendar. Ok I am hooked on the busy body book organizer. It is what I have really always needed. The calendar has five column grid system that you can use to assign each family member a section. I have all the family on it and then I have room for a Little Alouette column that can keep track of the shop and wholesale orders. I love calendars. I have a small BBB book too so I can grab it and go. Their customer service rocks and I think this wall calendar may save my ass this year

And my wee journal from Marta. jot your life in she says....First of all I love her so much. She is fierce! And she makes gorgeous things. I love the simple idea of this. I will have it with me and as I find those stolen moments I will write in it. I will write in it and enjoy it. I love it so much I kiss it sometimes.

and can I tell you a secret? I can't even name all the songs that I pulled lyrics from for my posts this year. I tried to today and went bonkers. I so should have listed them at the bottom of each post... What was yr favorite one?
****Also what was yr song of the year?
Have not thought of it? Think about it now.
This was mine for 2008 even though it was from the early 80's.
It spoke my year. It whispered my days.

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Poppy and Mei said...

I swear we are the same person...XXxx

Courtney said...

I love that mini journal! (jealous!!)

Momo Fali said...

I am an organizational freak! I must have one of those calendars, so I can consolidate the 15 different ones I have taped up around my office.

Patois said...

Love your "geeky laugh" aside. Those are great things to have so the geeky laugh is totally appropriate.

Barchbo said...

And here I thought you were a musical genius who knew all of the lyrics to every song ever! Seriously!

Instead, you are an organizational genius - love those picks!

Have a fabulous New Year's Eve and Happy 2009! Much to look forward to!


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