Friday, August 1, 2008

Round here something radiates

A small local shout out!
If yr local and have young children you should visit Being Savvy Columbus. My friend Christina is doing a great job there and I am really excited that Columbus is included in this cool venture.
I also wanna tell you about Skreened.
Skreened is cool as they are two local folks who have created ethical custom apparel!

I got a free shirt from them last night when I attended a local social media meet up to learn about a new marketing campaign for Experience Columbus last night. I got invited to this shindig bc I am a local blogger with her finger on the pulse of the city? Dunno, but they had Jeni's ice cream and I liked it. I also felt more than a mommy blogger for sure.

I like this too:
Columbus Green Spot

Are you local? Leave me a comment today. I dare you. I was telling my friend last night that I don't think I have local traffic at all. Strange. I want you Columbus. I want you too.

Get me delivered to yr email xo


Anonymous said...


I read your blog almost daily and am definitely local - Clintonville! Would love to know more about the items you mentioned.

Have a great day,
Marla on Acton Road

amy turn sharp said...

yay Marla!
The new marketing campaign for drawing biz to columbus launches today...I love the t shirts at
Have a lovely day xo

Bigtooth said...

I live in Columbus, though I've been too busy to read my favorite sites for a while

Bigtooth said...

I'm local, though I've been too busy to read all my friends for a while.


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