Thursday, July 10, 2008

With my own two hands/I can reach out to you

You know those framed art pieces that sit dusty in thrift stores or in yr own basement?
The inspirational quote with majestic mountain backdrop or that Monet Starry Night from yr college apartment?
They always look so sad to me and sometimes I buy them for a quarter just to do things like this:

We took Styrofoam meat trays and made some prints
like these ones from valentines)
simple simple
Just carve yr image with a toothpick in Styrofoam!
(We used some of daddy's old blueprints for paper)
Then we took a sad little Rosemary poem print picture and decoupaged Finn's prints right over the glass. It is drying nicely and for gift giving you could go over the top to make sure no bubbles were trapped, but for a four year old he did a great job!
We also had some cool prints left over in the Finnian organics series to give as cards.
It was a very productive morning and Finn learned to recycle and upcycle and think about art beyond perfect crisp new supplies!

Too bad the rest of the day is looking kinda like this:

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Momo Fali said...

Why don't you come over here and start turning all my trash into such treasures?!

Anonymous said...

I like it! now I will have new eyes when at the thrift store... and won't see those art pieces as sad anymore - but will know how to re-use them!

Blue Yonder said...

This looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...



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