Sunday, June 1, 2008

She glows around you like the moon

A day full of yard work on the other unsold house. There was an open house today and I wanted to throw myself over the patch of grass where the St. Joseph statue is buried and scream through the dirt...WORK DUDE!!!!!
Instead I lovingly pulled tiny weeds from deep brown mulch and stayed positive. I smiled through the BS.
I also worked on kids chairs today and felt ridiculously proud of my garden.


karey m. said...

yeah...those saints...sometimes operating on a whole 'nother calendar, right?

you already know this, i know, but don't you totally find you can even get through BS by simply smiling? even the worst spots...

{st. jude is the patron saint of hopeless situations and lost causes. he's usually one of the last resorts! and why is he my total fave?! hmmm.}

melissa said...

Did you make the chairs? At least decorate them? They are simply enchanting!

amy turn sharp said...

I will get a st jude soon!!
Melissa- I just found em at the thrift store and used vintage books to decorate :) Fun!

Dave said...

That mozarella is making me drool.


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