Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tired of saying goodbye

So, we have given over the keys to the new owner of our home and yet- I find myself over there again and emailing info to him and never able to be done with it.

It has been an emotional drain to keep revisiting this place that I am sad to leave. So, I have to go get some more stuff I forgot and somethings I had tried to forget-

OK. So, I understand he does not want two ancient dirty humidifiers from 1972- but neither do I...

I want to say good bye

I want to start the process of finding love for this new house

One thing I love is this:

It is cool to hear the post man come and swoosh yr mail lands lightly like paper airplanes on the wooden floor. So much more interesting than a mailbox on my front porch.

baby steps

to loving this house

baby steps

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